Natalie and Tyler

Our experience working with Danielle Gervais to sell our home far exceeded our expectations. 


The realtor services she provided us with went above and beyond and included; providing advice and assistance with organizing and staging our home, being available for advice and to answer any questions we had, organizing and drafting necessary paperwork, providing recommendations regarding offers and counteroffers, communicating with our mortgage broker and lawyer and providing prompt and professional responses to potential buyers and their realtors.  We always believed that Danielle was advocating for our best interest, as the sellers. 


We strongly believe that our home sold as quickly as it did and for the highest price possible due to Danielle’s skills, hard work and dedication.   She put countless hours into making sure that our home was ready to sell and marketed to the best of her ability.  There is no doubt in our minds that our home would have taken longer sell and would have sold for less had we decided to sell privately or with another realtor.


‚ÄčNatalie and Tyler Q